Quality excellent A+

 Very clean compost

Very low content in heavy metals ( consequence in can be used in higher ratios per 1000 m2 )
All raw materials come from non- industrialized areas of Greece (Kefalonia island, Kyparissia bay and Marathon) with total absence of acid rain and air pollutions . 100% of the sea grass (species "Posidonia oceanica") origin shores have acquired a BLUE FLAG eco label

Sea grass constitutes 80% of raw materias used

High content in nutrients and increased stimulating properties in plant growth  

 Long period treatment in order to reach full maturation
Numerus benefits for the plants:
a.  Non phototoxicity
b.  High concentration of humic and fulvic acids
No burning
The fact that the product comes from the open windrow composting process (aerobic fermentation) is demostrated by its dark brown color (instead of carbon- black color which is the result of burning), its characteristic texture and its natural earth odor


 Quality Approval

 Austrian Kompost - Entwicklung & Beratung ( Dipl-Ing Florian Amlinger- Technisches Büro für Landwirtschaft, UID ATU43789600,ECN EUROPEAN COMPOST NETWORK)


The product has been approved from the Austrian company as a product that its quality fills all the criteria as an A+ quality according to the Austrian, German and European direction.


 Certification by D.I.O. (National Organization for the Certification and Control of Organic Products). Procedures and raw materials utilized for the production of POSIDONIA® are in accordance with requirements and regulations of the E.U. (2092/91/appendix II/Part A) which refers to fertilizers and soil improvers that are allowed to use in organic farming.


 Ecological Product Award 

The Panhellenic Association of Environment Enterprises (PASEPPE) under the auspices of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and with the support of the Union of Hellenic Chambers gave our company the 3rd AWARD FOR ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS 2005-2006 within the framework of the candidacy for the competition of innovative products for the environmental protection in the European Union.

                 Ιδανικά  Προϊόντα για την Βιολογική & Συμβατική Γεωργία, Κηπευτική & Ανθοκομική

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