Posidonia organic plantsoil

        Posidonia® organic plant soil             is made from natural and pure mineral soil fermented and fortified with the Posidonia sea grass organic compost 

Posidonia® organic plant soil from seaweed (used mainly for Vegetables, Gardening and Floriculture), has a completely innovative character for the Greek market for growing media for the following reasons:


Production process:  product of biological fermentation and not mixing

Composition of its raw materials: soil (mineral soil) perfectly pure (heavy metal free than permitted for use in Organic Agriculture) and the Award organic compost (Posidonia® sea grass organic compost)

Excellent quality to protect the health and safety of the end user

Effectiveness in balanced growth and plant health

Protecting the environment for the conservation of flora and fauna in peat mining areas completely excluding peat use


Stamp of certification of its quality by a reputable Austrian organization

Full end-user information (chemical analysis, instructions for use etc.

                 Ιδανικά  Προϊόντα για την Βιολογική & Συμβατική Γεωργία, Κηπευτική & Ανθοκομική

                                                Εμπλουτίζουν με Θρεπτικά &  Αναζωογονούν το Έδαφος