Aerobic Composting Products

Beneficial for Human and Environment

Use of Restorable Sources of Energy


                 Use in the Organic and Conventional Agriculture                               Gardening and Nursering

New Package



Posidonia seagrass organic compost  

  New package design for the Awarded product


New product


  Posidonia organic plantsoil 

Fermended and enhanced with Posidonia seagrass organic compost                         

Posidonia is 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer and Soil inprover All in One

From sea plants (Posidonia oceanica) of the Greek sea and 

Agricultural products(olive core, grapes skin)

Peat Free

                 Ιδανικά  Προϊόντα για την Βιολογική & Συμβατική Γεωργία, Κηπευτική & Ανθοκομική

                                                Εμπλουτίζουν με Θρεπτικά &  Αναζωογονούν το Έδαφος